August 18, 2009

Human Nature Mix

I recently compiled a new mix within the last month and distributed it to friends. I figured now it was time to just make sure the link was posted up and let everyone else grab it if they wanted. Now for those who may not know when I compile a mix I take into consideration everything about the tunes I choose. From the sounds and quality of the mastering all the way down to the name of the song. Everything becomes part of the message that I am trying to convey. The mix itself is an extension beyond simply music and into a deeper realm that plucks and pulls on the thoughts and emotions of the listener.

I chose to call this the Human Nature Mix because I feel that the all the selections I have made are reflections of different aspects of the human psyche, emotions, and characteristics that make us who we are. But there's more to it than just that.

My good friend Markus Anacki over at Kaleidoscope Tattoo was kind enough to create some artwork to go along with the mix. You can check out some of his other work at

So download the mix sit back, relax and enjoy. And please feel free to spread the word

Human Nature: the psychological and social qualities that characterize humankind, esp. in contrast with other living things.

Track - Artist - Label
1.Look Back ft Kwality - Spherix - Tube 10
2.Klinik - Scuba - Hotflush
3.What If - Kito - Disfigured Dubs
4.Whitelabel - ? - ?
5.Revenue - RamadanMan - 2nd Drop
6.The Huntsman - Tri-Funk - (DUB)
7.Hooked - Misc - Lost Souls
8.Volt - Scuba - ABUCS
9.Ceaseless ft. Ras Spear - Ruckspin - Ranking
10.Six Degrees - Kryptic Minds - Swamp
11.Protecting Hands pt. 2 - Clouds - Deep Medi Musik
12.Lost Love - SYNKRO - On The Edge
13.Offal - RamadanMan - Soul Jazz
14.The Club - EL B - Tempa
15.Grimelight - Joe - Hessle Audio
16.Moment of Truth (Spherix Remix) - L-OW - On The Edge
17.Tell Me - SYNKRO - Synkro
18.Runes - Indigo - Mindset