November 21, 2009

Check out this Pussy...

BTW while I was in LA I saw my first hairless cat. Check it out! She was the nicest kitty in the world and I wanted to bring her back. But alas no dice...

November 18, 2009

Moving On

Well I hate to do this but its time to retire the built-in camera on my blackberry. This evening I was very lucky to come across a Canon Powershot G10. I have been considering buying one of these bad boys for quite some time and here it is. I can't wait to see what images I capture on this beast of a point & shoot!

Photo Shoot

Recently I had the luxury, pleasure, and amazing experience of working with the very talented Michael Connors. I was introduced to Michael through my friend Jamie Crowley. Jamie runs La Folia Recordings, and is releasing a tune I made earlier this year. However, she needed some high res pics and a bio. I didn't have either and never really thought about them too much. So she called upon her good friend Michael to do a few shots. We kept it simple. Michael rolled over to my pad and set up his camera with all the bells and whistles. I was truly amazed at the end result and I wanted to share some of these great pics with you, check them out. If you like what you see you can reach Michael through the following links:

November 17, 2009

Deuce for the Iphone

Last Days

I also made two very important stops while in Los Angeles, the first was at Amoeba Records on Sunset. After cutting down my record pile three or four times I finally approached the register. And let me tell you my wallet was not impressed.
Then of course after a long day of driving and sightseeing I needed to eat so I hit the one and only In N Out Burger for a quick pick me up. My friend ordered me a burger "animal style" what that means I have no idea. I wasn't a huge fan of the sauce (I think there was mayo in it and I hate mayo), but next time I'm there I'm trying it straight up.

November 15, 2009

Santa Monica Pier

My last day in LA was well spent driving around and seeing some beautiful places like the Santa Monica Pier. Man I could definitely get used to waking up to this place every day. The one thing I didn't get a shot of was the sign that had fallen over which said "no swimming due to high levels of bacteria." And of course I see it right after I put my hands in the water, oh the irony!