March 8, 2010

UK Funky Mix

I'd like to thank Nick over at Beantown Boogiedown for hosting this beast of a mix I did a few months back for a good friend who was having a rough time. I passed it on to a few good friends and they loved it so I decided to give it up to the world and hopefully let it saturate and spread the love and good vibes that comes with... Grab the mix in the right hand column!

March 7, 2010

Back Again

So sorry for the lack of posting. I've been so busy lately between work & school that I haven't had a moment to sit down and type something up here. I figured I would just hit you with a heavy post covering a few things I have seen along my many journey's out and about over the past week or 2 and I'll try and continue to post up some goodies as the days go on.
So I went out today with all 4 of my wonderful roommates to grab some household items and such at home depot and beyond, and on our way around the city and a far we stopped to get some milk shakes over at Rancatore's. Man that frappe was good, real fucking good! By the entrance they had this hilarious sign about using the restroom. I couldn't stop laughing.
The other week as I was out and about on my way around town I spotted this sign outside some salon. Now these guys have the right idea! If only they could come up with a slogan for the mohawk problem as well!
I also had a session with my tattoo artist Markus (you can peep his stuff at He just got back from Malaysia and brought me a sweet little mask and a few stickers from one of his plane rides. My sleeve is almost done... (Knock on wood) when its finally finished I'll make sure to post up a pic or 2.
And then of course this weekend I trekked out to NYC to my friend Mykim's gallery opening at 303Grand in Brooklyn on friday evening. I made a detour over to see my friends at Self Edge and pick up a pair of Ironheart 301's. I got to see some old friends and make a few new one's too. And I have to say I had a great time with the people I made the journey with! I just wish I had a little more time to catch up with everyone I know out there!