September 24, 2009

Skream & Benga NYC

So before hitting the Trouble & Bass 3 year anniversary show featuring Skream & Benga we decided to grab some food from this little Japanese spot pictured above. I couldn't find the name anywhere so I had to go by the next morning to grab a proper pic with the BB. The food here was excellent and our waitress was gorgeous!
We also ordered a round of sake and it came in this amazing glass that had a separate space for the ice so your sake doesnt get watered down yet stays cold. I was so damn impressed with little sucker I needed post up on it. At first glance it sort of looks like a graffix piece! Then it was on to Le Poisson Rouge for some filthy bass!
Skream behind the decks
Benga Beats
And at the end or their set Skream stage dived off into the crowd. Good form gents good form! I heard just about every banger I came for and was glad to share such a moment with good company!

September 23, 2009

NYC day 2

So after waking from an amazing evening where we heard the one and only Mary Anne Hobbs, and one of my favorite dubstep producers the magnificent DJ Pinch it was time to recharge and hit the city streets. But first a little brunch...
We rolled around the corner to a spot our friend had recommended called the The Half King and we were so glad we did! I had a serious 3 egg omelet with a bowl of fruit and granola while S1 took down a steak quesadilla.
But our mate Jeff took the cake with his belgium waffle. This thing was a beast, an amazing and incredibly delicious beast that I would take on again if given the opportunity. After that we settled up and headed out to hit a few fine stores down in soho.
First stop: Uniqlo
And this place blows H&M, Gap, and any other store that carries your basic wardrobe pieces out the water. The cut and fit is the best I've seen yet. Especially on a guy like me who's so skinny, yeah for thoses that don't know I'm still sporting the same frame I had when I was 16, but I can out eat you any day guaranteed.
Next up was the RRL shop on Prince street. I will simply say this; stop in here and check it out. I have yet to be disappointed with the layout and style of this place. Seriously, Ralph Lauren, your visual layout and emphasis on creating a story are no joke on top of that they carry some amazing denim, bags, and flannels!
Now we had to make our way over to this little spot called Schiller's to meet up with High Snobiety/Selectism columnist Tony Gervino. Tony is a great guy and I'm so glad to have had a moment to meet up and chat. Schiller's also had this amazing gothic-like bathroom and communal washroom for both the gents and the ladies to socialize while freshening up. You can see the men's door on the right and the women's on the left. They also had these giant creepy urinals, but I thought it best not to take a picture and leave your imagination to run wild. According to S1 there was a faint odor of cheese.
We finished up our coffee, said farewell to Tony and headed around the corner to check out our boy Kiya's new store Self Edge, which is a fantastic place specializing in Japanese selvedge denim. They even carry the super rugged 23oz Ironheart denim. This pair of jeans is not for the weak!
After about 5 pairs of jeans and 2 hours time I settled on this pair of Imperial Shearer Denim. I'll keep posting as they break in. I also have to say the store looks fantastic and the staff there were super knowledgeable and friendly to us. Big ups to the Self Edge guys! From here we went back to relax, grab some dinner and prepare for the Trouble & Bass 3yr Anniversary show later on in the evening. But you'll just have to wait till the next post to see what went down.

September 21, 2009

Adventures in Dub pt. 1

I'm back and well from a wonderful weekend trip to New York City. My time spent there this weekend was truly amazing to say at the very least and I hope the vibe and energy stays with me for as long as possible. I saw and did so many things I'm just going to break things down day by day. So here's how it all started...
I stepped on the bus for a brief 1/2 day at the daily grind before the rendezvous at Patch Studio and began our journey to NYC for a weekend of debauchery. ANd low and behold there was a pair of rubber gloves sitting all alone on the seat. For some reason or another I took this as a sign from the Grace or God telling me that things were going be good, real good.

We got into brooklyn and parked the car and grabbed a quick bite the one and only Dumont Burger before heading into Manhattan. The burgers were great if you have a chance stop in and grab one. Then we were off to Decibel to grab some sake and meet up with friends from long ago to catch up and have a drink.
We grab a table and my boys hit the bathroom. My boy S1 says he has a good friend from college coming to meet up and it turns our to be none other than Anna McCraney who was the recent winner on Bravo's "Fashion Show". It was truly amazing to meet her. She and S1 go way back and it was great to see them catch up. From here we proceeded to a Japanese beer hall near Saint Mark's before our final destination...
Big ups the Dubwar guys for their hardwork on this party. It was serious business! Then we crashed out for the evening.
Misadventures in NYC part 1...