September 21, 2009

Adventures in Dub pt. 1

I'm back and well from a wonderful weekend trip to New York City. My time spent there this weekend was truly amazing to say at the very least and I hope the vibe and energy stays with me for as long as possible. I saw and did so many things I'm just going to break things down day by day. So here's how it all started...
I stepped on the bus for a brief 1/2 day at the daily grind before the rendezvous at Patch Studio and began our journey to NYC for a weekend of debauchery. ANd low and behold there was a pair of rubber gloves sitting all alone on the seat. For some reason or another I took this as a sign from the Grace or God telling me that things were going be good, real good.

We got into brooklyn and parked the car and grabbed a quick bite the one and only Dumont Burger before heading into Manhattan. The burgers were great if you have a chance stop in and grab one. Then we were off to Decibel to grab some sake and meet up with friends from long ago to catch up and have a drink.
We grab a table and my boys hit the bathroom. My boy S1 says he has a good friend from college coming to meet up and it turns our to be none other than Anna McCraney who was the recent winner on Bravo's "Fashion Show". It was truly amazing to meet her. She and S1 go way back and it was great to see them catch up. From here we proceeded to a Japanese beer hall near Saint Mark's before our final destination...
Big ups the Dubwar guys for their hardwork on this party. It was serious business! Then we crashed out for the evening.
Misadventures in NYC part 1...

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