September 10, 2009


I found the motherload! If I don't post again within 3 days don't come looking for me.

September 9, 2009


My brother from another mother Ishomatic hit me with this picture he took the other day of a Jaguar he saw with a license plate that said reggae. Now that's a fucking Dubplate you know what I mean! Respect brother!


This is the most severe case of ADHD I have ever seen. He even had the two kids pulling him back and forth in different directions while he butchered Raffi songs. I think I've lost my faith in God.


No, seriously, I thought ICP was dead. WTF!? I wish I had frontal shot the kid had on these huge aviators and an ICP hat. For a split second I thought about gouging out my eyes.

September 7, 2009

Watch yourself

Who hates cameras?
This Guy.

September 6, 2009

Vegas part deux

Sorry everyone for the hold up on posting up the second half of my misadventures in Vegas. I've been busy with trying to sort everything out for my first official release, which is coming out on La Folia Records. I'll have more info for everyone when the actual release date is confirmed. Anyways let me give you a recap on Vegas...
So our second night there actually included a suite across the street at the Venetian. Mr. Nick Schonberger and myself grabbed our bags from our brief stay at the Mirage and walked over to our new home. We dropped off our bags and met up with High Snobiety's new editor Mr Pete Williams who joined us all the way from Ottowa. From there we hit the show room floor at the Las Vegas Convention center to peep the MAGIC/SLATE & POOL trade shows.
Here's a few shots of some of my experiences at the trade show for more hit up High Snob & Selectism. The first is of some dope mural that was being painted. I didn't have a chance to stop and ask what the deal was but I happy to get to peep something unexpected.
Then we stopped into the press lounge for our goodie bags. And well, there wasn't much goodness to them. We also received this iced coffee drink called Bustelo that was less than mediocre. But don't tell them that because everyone there was incredibly nice to us. Hey, what can I say they tried right?
Then it was back to the showroom floor and we were very lucky to discover this fine gem. A camouflage tuxedo. Yes thats correct a camouflage tuxedo. If you don't believe me click here.
After all our hard work we finally had dinner at a spot I won't say because none of us felt very good after. But let's just say we didn't feel like we got our FIX. Then we hit the Hard Rock for a party sponsored by Stussy with Damn Funk and this amazing band where there were 3-4 girls playing brass instruments. I know you can't see it in the photo but I couldnt get any closer because the party was mobbed! Thank you Stussy for the great time. Then we hit the casino floor for a bit before heading back to our suite to crash. Wow what a day!
But before I knew it my time in Vegas was just about up. So I caught a shuttle back to Maccarran International Airport with Nick. We hit up this spot called Don Alejandro's for a last meal together.

I waited almost 40 minutes for this plate of French Toast with bacon. Also it should be noted that our silverware was made of plastic. NOt impressed...
Then of course I had a few more minutes to kill before boarding my flight so I took a stab at the Triple DoubleWild Cherry and I turned my $1 into $5. Sweet goodness I hit it big here in Vegas.
But of course no trip is complete without a layover in some other city. I had almost 2 hours to kill at Chicago's O'hare so I walked around for a bit and I saw "Nuts on Clark". Yeah childish I know but I almost fell over laughing when this caught my eye.
Misadventures in the City of Sin...