December 19, 2009

I Pee

On my way to a holiday party put on by good friends over at The Fringe Movement I noticed while at the bus stop that some individual had taken the time to scratch up the word "Free" on all the newpaper bins to now read "I Pee". Although this act is incredibily childish I still can't help but laugh! It certainly took quite some time, effort, and attention to detail on behalf of whoever did this. Art is everywhere you simply have to look for it some times.

Old Age

So the other day a friend rolled through to the spot and pulled out this bottle of whiskey that his dad had purchased in the 70's. Look closely in the pic at the top of the bottle and you can see it was bottled in 1972. It was made by this company Schenley who clearly none of us had ever heard of before. Mind you its now 2009 so this bad boy has been aged another 30 years on top of the original 8! Had a quick sip and it was super smooth, and I ain't no whiskey drinker so believe me when I say it's smooth.

December 15, 2009

Another Hidden Gem

So the other week some good friends of mine took me out for a bite at this spot called Highland Kitchen, which I had never heard of before. They were seriously hyping up the food, so knowing I'm a serious eater and my palette is not one to pass up an opportunity we hit it up. Turns out this place was literally just a few blocks from my old spot in Somerville. How did I miss it? Anyways the food was excellent. So much so that I brought back some other friends earlier this week. If you have a chance to hit Highland DO IT! I recommend the gnocchi (below), sage ravioli, half chicken, and the banana bread pudding (below).