November 12, 2010

Denim Update

So its been a while since I updated on my selvedge denim. My collection has also grown with the addition of a pair of Strike Gold Denim. I've put some wear into my IronHeart 301's and I finally washed my Imperial Shearer's for the first time. Here's a few photos take a look...
The Imperial Shearer's pre-wash:

And post-wash. Check out the whiskering starting to come through on the front.

Here are the 301's:

Last but certainly not least are my new Strike Gold's. They're going to have an intense fade similar to a pair Flat Head Denim:

November 8, 2010

Beantown BoogieDown Podcast

I am honored to announce that the latest Beantown BoogieDown Podcast is a mix of my own that I recorded over the summer...
Beantown has been covering a great number of events through out the nightlife scene here in Boston and is a vital source in keeping people informed about what's going on with the music scene here in the city. You can cop the podcast by clicking here.