November 7, 2009

Side Note

A small note to self; remember next time you're on the Santa Cruz boardwalk that it's not okay to carry roller skates while you're skate boarding.

November 6, 2009

Pigeon Point

Here's a few more images from the drive down to Santa Cruz. We stopped at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse for a moment to peep the coastline.

November 5, 2009

General Store

While traveling through the wilderness of the skyline just outside of SF I came across a few genrel stores. This one in Lo Mar was only place with a gas pump for miles.

However, if you venture into the town of Pescadero you have to pick up a loaf of this artichoke garlic bread. Its the best bread on the west coast hands down.

Santa Cruz

Hit the boardwalk real quick before turning back to SF yesterday. First thought that hit my mind was that this is the Hampton Beach of the west coast. Too bad everything was closed, which just means I'll have to come back next summer when this shit show is in full effect. We also spotted this crazy mullet guy. Epic.

Route 1 and the Skyline

I'll Keep this short and sweet. My last day in SF consisted of driving down RT1 and the skyline. For those that don't know the skyline is a route that goes up through the hills and is filled with giant Redwoods and amazing views. And Rt1 runs along the coast of Cali with epic ocean views. We went down to Santa Cruz and back and I have to say it was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever done. Check out the pics below.

November 3, 2009

Watching the Sunset in SF

After hitting up Valencia we were on our way back to relax when I spotted this, need I say more.
But as we were about to leave my gracious host slid up into a parking spot and told me to jump out the car. He starts walking without a word. I'm about 2 paces behind a bit confused wondering if he forgot something or if he was pissed off. Nope, not even close. He takes me up on to the roof deck of this dope little spot on Mission street called Medjool. We grabbed a table and sat here till it got dark. The only word that I could use to describe it is EPIC. Yes EPIC in all caps. Check out the view.

SF Day 2

After passing the giant Ionizer on our way into the city we decided to hit the pier since the weather was so nice. I think it was somewhere around 70 degrees and sunny. I caught a quick glimpse of Alcatraz in the distance while being serenaded by some very loud sea lions nearby.
But the real highlight down on the pier was this antique coin arcade. They had some amazing old school gems. My two favorites were the execution viewing and the Mouth of truth, which gave me quite an amazing fortune.
It was roughly about noon time so we decided to hit Japantown for some lunch. Anyone who knows me knows how big I am on the Asian cuisine. We found this dope little spot near Geary & Webster. So we sat down and as we got our miso we heard a loud bang and then a fire alarm. Next thing we knew there was smoke pouring out from a busted door in the space next to us. A few minutes later the SF fire dept rolled up and shit got serious! Peep the pics!

So after waiting about 30 minutes it was obvious we wouldn't be dining there so we walked down a block to the Kinokuniya Building to eat. We settled upon a dope little spot called Kushi Tsuru, but if I had the time I would have tried them all.
Then it was down to Valencia to hit up Self Edge SF. I hit up their NYC location back in Sep. when I picked up a pair of Imperial denim, which are sick and have broken in really well. I'll post up on them in the near future. So I dipped in and Derrick helped to sort me out with a few Ironheart shirts I had my eyes on back in NYC. Definitely stop by if you are in town.
On our way back to the car I spotted this fancy little alleyway and thought it was worthy of posting up.
I was so struck by the irony that there was an Irish pub in SF called the Phoenix that I had to pop in and have a pint. It was definitely a dope little spot but nothing comes close to the Phoenix back home in Cambridge.