September 24, 2009

Skream & Benga NYC

So before hitting the Trouble & Bass 3 year anniversary show featuring Skream & Benga we decided to grab some food from this little Japanese spot pictured above. I couldn't find the name anywhere so I had to go by the next morning to grab a proper pic with the BB. The food here was excellent and our waitress was gorgeous!
We also ordered a round of sake and it came in this amazing glass that had a separate space for the ice so your sake doesnt get watered down yet stays cold. I was so damn impressed with little sucker I needed post up on it. At first glance it sort of looks like a graffix piece! Then it was on to Le Poisson Rouge for some filthy bass!
Skream behind the decks
Benga Beats
And at the end or their set Skream stage dived off into the crowd. Good form gents good form! I heard just about every banger I came for and was glad to share such a moment with good company!

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