September 27, 2009

NYC Day 3

Alas, we arrived at our third and final day in the city of New York, but we still had plenty of adventures to embark on. So we trekked out to Brooklyn to see our friends Ill P & Teddy King at BoundlessNYC. If you have a chance check out the store its a dope skate shop that had me reminiscing of my teen-age years. And a big thanks to Teddy for hooking it up with a King Stampede tee. It fits like a glove!
On our way over to Boundless we spotted this dope little Space Invader piece on the corner!
And as we drove out of BK and onto the highway we were blessed to have this beautiful sidecar motorbike next to us.So long NY and thanks for the memories. I'll do another posting of pics so stay tuned.

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