November 18, 2009

Moving On

Well I hate to do this but its time to retire the built-in camera on my blackberry. This evening I was very lucky to come across a Canon Powershot G10. I have been considering buying one of these bad boys for quite some time and here it is. I can't wait to see what images I capture on this beast of a point & shoot!

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  1. The G10 is a proper camera- we have a G9 at our work that I use on a regular basis (it's basically the 2007 version of the G10 instead of 2009). Without getting too technical, you're basically getting the exact same sensor size as on the most non-full frame SLR's, as well as full manual control, the ability to shoot in RAW instead of JPEG (huge), and a hot shoe for hooking up an external flash. Pretty much everything except an interchangeable lens!