August 29, 2009

Out and about

So I'm riding gunner as we cruise to our destination and we end up behind this guy. First thought that hits our minds is that it might stand for I Hate The Fucking Police. Hmmm... Well we weren't too far off from what came up when we googled it. There was actually something in Wikipedia on this abbreviation and it comes close to home for all my Boston/Cambridge geeks. Imagine that! Here it is coming straight at ya!

IHTFP is an abbreviation for the phrase I Hate This Fucking Place[1] and is most frequently associated with Hacks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is often used to sign hacks and also appears each year on the MIT class ring. Professor Samuel Jay Keyser[2] has said that it should not be taken literally but as an expression of rebellion against, and love for, MIT.

There are several backronyms used at MIT and other institutions:

Then I check my inbox and low and behold a good friend hits me with a complimentary snapshot of another FAIL meter while she was out & about. Thanks Star always a pleasure to know you're stalking me I mean up to date on my posts! I'm off to Vegas this coming week to check out the Magic Trade Show. I'm hoping to catch some serious material to post up here so check back.

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