October 26, 2009


I was en route to meet a friend for dinner the other night and came across this billboard. The second line starts with the word "Thanks" unfortunately the T got cut off due to my poor camera skills. I don't even know where to go with this one.

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  1. I saw that ad last week. It's poorly worded/designed, but it is an important campaign. I conduct animal and human research everyday and I can't tell you the leaps and bounds research has made/is currently making in the medical word by scientists greater than me. There are ethics and guidelines we as researches have to follow for humans and animals alike. I was vegan for a decade for a reason but am in no way against animal research -- and nor should any individual that wishes for physiological/neurological/medical/etc. misfortunes to cease.

    In short, the ad isn't funny. The subject matter is not something to be ridiculed. Ridiculous wording, but it got your attention. I'm pretty sure that's the point.