January 10, 2010

Dallas Dubstep Reunion

So on my second evening in Dallas I was taken to a place called Snuffer's over in Plano, Texas. Man I had no idea how serious it was going to get for dinner when we walked through those doors.
Snuffer's cheese fries need I say more! Nothing back home compares to these bad boys hands down. I also had an awesome mushroom and swiss burger but I forgot to snap a photo due to my gluttonous activity.
Then before heading out to meet up with our good friend Joe Nice of NYC's own Dubwar we stopped at the local 7-11 where I saw a 2lb rice crispies treat. And the guy at the counter kept pressuring me to buy the damn thing.
Club Plush where the magic was happening that lovely and cold night in Dallas, Texas.
Before Joe got up behind the decks we all posed for a pic courtesy of my new G10. Came out pretty nice if I do say so myself. It was awesome to reunite with 2 of my friends in a place I had never been before and I hope to have the opportunity to do it again in some of the other great cities stateside. Then again maybe my next big trip will be to London for FWD or DMZ...
Did I mention my G10 also has video capabilities? Peep it!

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