May 19, 2010

SF Day 2

My second day in SF involved me jumping on the wonderful and amazing Bay Area Rapid Transit or better known as simply the BART. I headin' into the city to take hit up the SFMOMA where they were celebrating the museum's 75th anniversary. As I walked in I threw on DubWar Podcast 9 mixed by Headhunter and went off to explore.
On my travels I saw works by Warhol, Barry Mcgee, and a whole bunch of greats, but I thought it best to leave you all with this lovely sculpture. Just take a moment to stare into the eyes of the beautiful monkey bubbles.
2nd Floor bathroom of the SFMOMA (I used the urinal on the left)
After I made my way through the museum I dipped back out onto the sunny streets of SF to meet up with an old friend, and as I was trekking across town I stumbled upon this amazing mural by Sever and few other mean street writers.
Then I headed over to the water to check out the bay bridge to Oakland and grab a drink.
I stopped by this place Sinbad's that looked like it was stuck in the 70's on the inside and all the people there for dinner were 48+. I finished my drink, dropped a deuce and jetted out to meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks. We hit an Irish pub for a drink and some douche spewed all over the bathroom without hitting the bowl. See for yourself...

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