May 18, 2010

Return to SF

Last week I made another trip out to San Francisco for a little vacation after wrapping up my first semester of grad school. I landed Weds afternoon and met up with an old friend from my high school days who lives just outside the city. We jumped in the car and hit this all you can eat sushi spot called liquid sushi. It wasn't anything spectacular but got the job done nonetheless. After that we kicked back or a bit before scoring tickets to the Giants/Padres game at AT&T Park.
I have to say the place was great and our seats weren't too bad either. In fact, walking around the stadium I noticed that none of the seats were bad, and there were no "partially obstructed seats" like we have back home at Fenway. However, the park had some empty spots and definitely wasn't as wild as a group of Red Sox fans.
The couple in front of us were hardcore fans. You can't see them all but that woman had somewhere between 30-40 pins on that hat.
While the guy next to that couple had on a beautiful disney hoodie that I found myself envying all through out the game.
I also learned that AT&T Park is home to some of the best garlic fries around. Fenway get on that shit.
And on our way out I snapped a quick shot of downtown.

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